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Removing shame & Judgement from Sex, Sensuality and Sexuality!!


We ship overseas to FPO AA, AE, and AP addresses!!


The ultimate pleasure massager for an orgasmic experience! You can now experience mind-blowing erotic thrills and pleasures with the new, fun, and exciting intimate TOOL. Lose yourself in role-play, erotic play, or just for mind-blowing orgasms; it targets all the body's pleasure zones whether it be hard or soft play in the bedroom.  It will surely enhance pleasure with two different designs and unique shapes, pulsations, and sensual vibrations. 

Ham-me-up $85.00

Booty Call

3-step suction, vibration, and warming functions 12 types of stimulations - Entirely soft silicone, able to firmly suck the vulva. From rookie to veteran, the level and pleasure can both reach the peak. Find a level of satisfaction that you enjoy. The bottom of the phone is a premium gold color, and the bulge in the middle is ergonomically designed. 

The ringtone of love is transmitted deep into the body.


Penis Ring

10-Speed Vibration- Made of safe, high-quality silicone, healthy non-toxic, smooth, soft, and flexible, it can be in direct contact to enjoy ultimate pleasure.- Whole body waterproof, wireless remote control, ten frequency vibration.

Uniquely head bump stimulation with vibration can effectively stimulate the clitoris.- It is designed to restrict blood flow to the penis achieving a stronger erection, extending sexual pleasure, and prolonging ejaculation.

Magic Jerker $50.00

Magical Brush

Waterproof - Rechargeable

10 Vibration Mode - Soft Brush with one button can control ten kinds of vibration modes. You can easily switch from soft to crazy and enjoy incredible internal and external stimulation. Give you a fantastic orgasm.

Ergonomic, easy to insert and use, and can accurately stimulate the G-spot and clitoris to produce double stimulation. With the heating function, stimulation could strengthen again. The 39℃ heating design based on body temperature allows you to imagine it as more suitable for winter or cool days.


Doggy Style

  • Used as a Sex aid
  • To easily perform doggy style without feeling tired
  • Providing you with a long-lasting mind blowing experience.
  • Durable & Easy to Use


Rotating Male Masturbator

5 ROTATION SPEEDS & 10 VIBRATION MODES With an inner quality motor, the solid electrical vibration makes your part almost insane, and the rotation drive you to the absolute climax. The portable and handheld design makes it easy to adjust the modes.

Please yourself with an effortless operation for double stimulation. 

Masturbator cup $70.00

4 in 1 - Anal- Gspot-Clitoral-Penetration

Great for stimulating incredible and intense orgasms and enhancing your sexual desire with role playing using this wireless remote-controlled massager.

Great for couple's play, solo play and it is USB rechargeable.

Sensual Vibe $65.00

Clitoral Stimulation

  •  10 Modes Wand Massage.
  • When using, you can easily switch to any mode, from soft to crazy, you can enjoy all kinds of incredible internal and external stimulation at will.
  • Give you an extraordinary orgasm.
The Secret Pen - $60.00

The brain behind our brand!!

Iverson Boutique is Veteran Owned and was founded while on active duty to help military families stay connected and intimate while separated. Sex is a Taboo topic, not discussed even in the military. Understanding your wants, needs, and desires can be difficult, and expressing them may be even more challenging. Hence, most do not know how to start that conversation or are afraid to do so altogether. Especially in the military, people from all over the world with different backgrounds, ethics, and cultural differences have barriers in a relationship, regardless of how open-minded they are. Ultimately, sexual partners, irrespective of their cultures, want to pleasure one another and explore their sexual desires. Iverson Boutique provides a discrete shopping experience with a sex-positive culture.

- Natalia Iverson, CEO


This male masturbator features a 3.5mm headphone jack and a built-in real woman's voice, and it doesn't support playing audio directly externally. The mobile phone holder on the top lets you easily position your device to watch your likes while heightening your arousal and intensifying your pleasure. 

$ 180.00